Sam directs new video for Jakko Jakszyk of King Crimson
The Trouble with Angels will be released August 14, 2020 from InsideOut Music
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Jakko M Jakszyk's The Trouble with Angels Premieres in:


My name is Sam Chegini and I’m a passionate filmmaker, animator, and graphic designer. I work in my studio for domestic artists/companies as well as remotely for artists and companies around the world. I offer services in many areas of visual communication, from graphic design and branding to illustration, from web design to animation and making documentaries, music videos, and video arts. Browse this website to find out more about my works and get in touch

Sir Lenny Henry
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The video -The Cops Don’t Know- has a labour of love style. Sam Chegini is clearly gifted.

Sir Lenny Henry​


“Traveller” was among the very best of over 1000 films submitted from over 30 countries around the world and deserving of special recognition.

Canada International Film Festival

Elizabeth Shepherd, Director at the Children's Film Festival Seattle

Thank you Sam, for your powerful visual storytelling. I really believe in the power of your generation to make the world a better place. I have hope because of films like yours.

Elizabeth Shepherd

DirectoR, the Children's Film Festival Seattle


Sam Chegini

Born in an artistic family in Tehran/Iran in 1992, Sam developed a strong passion for Fine Arts from an early age. Hardships of pursuing art and music in Iran and his quest for the up-to-date knowledge led him to reach out to the world beyond the borders of his country, communicating with artists from other nationalities and taking part in several international contests. In 2006, he decided to found his own home studio under the label of Sam Pictures Productions and started working as a freelance artist. In 2009, he connected to the Dutch singer/songwriter Linde Nijland through the internet which led to the making of his first official animated music video for one of Linde’s songs “Traveller”. Traveller has been screened in various international film festivals around the globe and succeeded to win prestigious awards including the Royal Reel Awards from Canada International Film Festival in 2013. In early 2014, Sam collaborated as a puppeteer with “The City of Mice 2” project, the sequel to a very nostalgic puppetry feature film directed by legendary Iranian director, Marziyeh Boroumand. In 2015 Sam was a member of the “Online Pre-screening Committee” at the “Sprockets International Music Video Festival” (Georgia, Athens, USA). In 2016 Sam made the video “The Cops Don’t Know” for renowned British actor/singer and BAFTA winner, Sir Lenny Henry, produced by the legendary British producer, Chris Porter. In 2016-2017 Sam joined the play “MANUS” as Video Artist, Mapping Artist, and International Affairs for their international performances in Bangladesh (Chittagong and Dhaka), India (Kerala International Theatre Festival) and Fajr International Theatre festival (Tehran). In 2017, Sam held the 9th Wordless International Short Film Festival as Artistic Director. Same time screening in Qazvin, Iran with Sydney, Australia with 20 shorts from 19 countries.  In 2019 Sam directed a video for the renowned Iranian singer, Alireza Ghorbani for his song “Go Absent”.  

at tassvir film festival
Winning the Image of the Year for The Cops Don't Know
Premiere night of the Paper Cinema Documentary
sam with marziyeh baroumand
with Marziyeh Boroumand on the set of the City of Mice 2



Jakko M Jakszyk is pleased to announce the release of his forthcoming new solo album ‘Secrets & Lies’ on the 23rd October 2020. Jakko comments: “The enforced sabbatical from King Crimson has given me the opportunity to complete a new solo album. Encouraged by Thomas Waber at Inside Out, and aided and abetted by numerous friends, heroes and family.The …

Sam’s Online Classes

Sam’s online classes are now accepting new students. If you’re interested in learning ‘Motion Graphics’, ‘2D Animation’, or ‘Video Editing and Sound Design for Film’ you can now head over to this page and sign up for a class.

UNAOC and IOM organize virtual PLURAL+ video screening to combat racism and all forms of discrimination

New York – The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) organized a virtual “watch party” featuring a selection of short films from their joint initiative, the PLURAL+ Youth Video Festival, which all conveyed a message of unity against racism and all forms of discrimination. “While we keep seeing examples of intolerance, divisions, and …


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