As the Artistic Director, Sam organized the 9th Wordless International Short Film Festival in Qazvin, Iran same time with Sydney, Australia on November 28, 2017.



CINEWEST is a non-for-profit organization based in Sydney, Australia that organizes various film festivals throughout the year. "Wordless International Short Film Festival" is one of the projects from CINEWEST which focuses on Wordless Films. This festival is co-hosted by a second country each year The 9th Edition makes the 4th time the festival is held in Iran.


The first year, the Wordless Festival was founded in the city of Beybod, in Yazd province, Iran.


It was also held by the Azad University of Kerman, Kerman, Iran twice.


It is the 4th time the festival returns to Iran, this time the City of Qazvin held its 9th Edition on November 28, 2017 same time with Sydney, Australia.


There are many people to thank here. From CINEWEST to all the crew who helped us hold this international event in the historical city of Qazvin.


What follows is a reportage of the festival. You can also view the Gallery section and the team members who contributed in holding the 9th Edition of the Wordless International Short Film Festival.




9th Wordless International Short Film Festival - Sydney, Qazvin 2017

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