Sam began working as a freelancer from a very early age. As a teenager he used "Sam Pictures Productions" as his signature. In 2005 Monika Maid, German singer/songwriter and Sam's longtime friend asked Sam to make a video for her tribute songs to Chris de Burgh. The project was the first online music video production to the date and Sam managed to produce 4 music videos for Monika at the age of 13. The Sam Pitures Productions brand was born since then. The package was later presented to Chris de Burgh himself and Monika received a handwritten note which read "Thank Sam for his wonderful work!".

Sam was motivated to follow the path more professionally ever since. At the first year of Art School in Qazvin, Sam improved his editing and filmmaking skills, attending Iranian Youth Cinema Society classes in Qazvin, Producing different commercials and ads. for local customers. Designing posters, sketching and doing lots of illustrations. He finally found Music Videos the most interesting field of art during his experiments.

At the age of 16 he made a video for Chris de Burgh's A Spaceman Came Travelling and entered an online competition which was being held by Ferryman Productions, Chris de Burgh's managing company. Even though the video did not win the competition at the time, it was praised by Chris' longtime band member/guitarist, Neil Taylor. Linde Nijland, Dutch singer/songwriter and now Sam's longtime friend asked him to do an animated music video for her song 'Traveller' after watching the Spaceman Came Travelling, endorsing Sam's drawings and style.

TRAVELLER was the first official animated music video signed by the name Sam Pictures Productions. It received a worldwide recognition from many International Film Festivals across the globe, winning Canada International Film Festival's Royal Reel Award , PBS REEL13, short of the week, 1'st Place in MY HERO etc.

Later on, Sam continued doing videos for local artists in Iran with his professional team at Sam Pictures Productions.

In 2015 Sam contributed with the world famous Producer, Chris Porter to produce "The Cops Don't Know" for Sir Lenny Henry's album "New Millennium Blues". Classic Rock Magazine praised the video as a hard hitting animated music video in it's premiere date. © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.